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Energy Audit

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. This holds true for most things but especially when it comes to energy. An Energy Audit is the first thing you must do if you’re looking to improve your building’s energy performance. And just like how you need a medical checkup every now and then, your building needs to have an audit from time to time to ensure that the systems inside are performing as per their intended design.

We offer different levels of Energy Audit according to your building’s needs. And using the data gathered from the audit, we give our recommendations on how you could improve your building’s energy performance.

Key Benefits:

  • Understand how your building uses energy
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Make informed decisions backed up with real data  based on your building’s operating conditions

Energy Consultancy

A common theme we encounter among buildings that we’ve worked on is that there’s a mismatch between the design assumptions and the actual operating needs of the building. This results in less than optimized building systems that consume more energy than necessary. After conducting an Energy Audit, all these problems are revealed, but amidst all these problems, opportunities also present themselves.

That is where our Energy Specialists come in. We can help you identify those opportunities and propose solutions that suit your budget and your energy-saving goals.

Key Benefits:

  • Identify which systems in your building are using energy inefficiently
  • Understand the various energy-saving solutions that are available for your specific case, starting from no-cost solutions to major retrofits
  • Back up your decision to invest in a major equipment replacement with energy-saving projections and a guarantee of ROI in a set period of time

Building Management System & Remote Monitoring Service

You’ve taken the time to optimize the design of your building, and you have installed all the right equipment for your building’s needs, but if you don’t properly manage how these systems are used during its operation, you still might not be able to realize your energy-saving goals.

With our Building Management System and Remote Monitoring Service, you’ll have someone to watch and ensure that your systems are working according to its intended design. We will alert you of any anomalies in your systems’ performance so you can rectify them as soon as possible. It’s like having a doctor constantly checking up on your health 24/7.

Key Benefits:

  • Be aware of any system failure or inefficiencies before they cause problems for your building’s occupants
  • Prolong the lifetime of your equipment by making sure they are running at their optimal conditions
  • Make it easier to renew your Green Mark certification with the monthly reports that we provide

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